Why Jackpot Virtual Airlines?

Jackpot Virtual Airlines ,based on the USA hit tv series LA to Vegas we strive to give you the best experience possible! We use the smartCARS tracker from TDFI Design to track your flights, we give you a flight briefing package at the start of every flight, So what are you waiting for?

smartCARS 2

We use the amazing smartCARS 2 Tracker that we have customized for our airline. Our pilots use smartCARS to track their flights and to submit their PIREPs on our website.


Our I.T guys have managed to integrate SimBrief into our website so a full Flight Briefing Package is only a few clicks away! Assets such as Flightplan exportable to your Flight Simulator and Fuel Loading Plan are all generated automatically by using the system found in the Flight Brief System.

Large Community of Pilots

We have a very large community and we encourage all people of the VA world to join our community, we can help you with any issues you have. We must bond together & be one large group of pilots flying as la to vegas

Start flying the new Jackpot Virtual Airlines a first class airline